Tubes & Finned Tubes

Wieland Copper Products offers the entire size and alloy grade spectrum of tubing for a variety of industries in North America.
Industries we service include the Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR), Wholesale and Plumbing, Ice Machines, Faucets, Parts & Components and many other markets.
For each market segment and application we offer a full range of customized products for outstanding performance. Our customer base benefits from continuous tube development, on site technical support and exemplary customer service.

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Tubes Product Line

  • Plumbing Tubes

    Plumbing Tubes

    Plumbing tubes are often utilized to transport a liquid or gaseous medium.

    Applications for plumbing tubes are mainly for water and gas supply. OXY tubes are suited for medical applications such as oxygen supply and ACR tubes are configured for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. OXY and ACR tubes are cleaned, capped and nitrogen-charged.
    Copper tubes can be easily joined together by pressing or soldering.
    Wieland stocks a full line of plumbing tube.

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  • Finned Tubes

    Finned Tubes

    Optimized surfaces for efficient heat transfer.

    Finned tubes made by Wieland Thermal Solutions are produced from plain tubes that have undergone a forming process. They serve as highly efficient, compact, yet extremely stable heat exchangers. The surface of the tubes is perfectly matched to your intended application. What’s more, we have access to a broad spectrum of materials to ensure we use just the right material for your specific needs, for example concerning resistance and ductility.

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  • Smooth Bore Tubes

    Smooth Bore Tubes in LWC

    Smooth Bore Tubes are often used to transport a liquid or gaseous medium.

    Applications are widely spread and the tubes can be found as a connecting tube, in heat exchangers, as a fitting or in faucets just to name a few applications.

    Copper tubes can be easily joined together by pressing, soldering or brazing. They can be connected to structural components made of other materials as well.

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    Wieland manufactures seamless smooth-bore level-wound coils (LWC) ranging from 3/16″ to 1 1/8″ in OD. A wide variety of wall thickness / OD combinations is being offered.

  • Inner Grooved Tubes

    Inner Grooved Tubes

    Inner grooved tubes can be found in superior residential and commercial air conditioning units.

    The purpose of these tubes is to enhance heat transfer between the medium inside and outside of the tube by increasing the inner contact surface & turbulent flow. These seamless drawn tubes increase the efficiency of heat exchangers. The seamless drawn tubes are enhanced by applying a special inner tool while drawn to the final dimension.

    Wieland’s seamless inner-grooved copper tubes range in size from 5 mm to 1/2” in OD in level-wound coils. Today, Wieland offers a broad array of sizes and designs configured to meet the most demanding ACR requirements.

    R&D and technical support are available to work with you in our labs or on-site to ensure that our product works seamlessly on your line. We have for example developed a highly regarded cuprolite® product line, a unit weight reduced copper tube.High performance tube is offered for high end applications to our customer base.

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  • K65 Systems


    Refrigeration is making increasing use of plant designed with the environment in mind. This applies, particularly in the field of supermarket refrigeration systems. Environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R744 (CO2 grade) require piping systems approved for operating pressures up to 1740 psi.

    The Wieland K65 tubes and the range of K65 brazing fittings from IBP together make up a copper-based system for high-pressure applications. Wieland's K65 tubes are UL 207 certified for 120 bar / 1740 psi applications to ensure highest possible safety for high-pressure applications. The usual ease of processing and the excellent heat transfer properties of copper are key features of this system.

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  • Sectional Tubes

    Sectional Tubes

    Wieland sectional tubes in copper alloys are widely used in industries with particular requirements in terms of material and reliability of the end product.

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