Wieland Components is your partner for realizing challenging components and assemblies - from the concept via the prototype through to series production.
Our competence in copper alloys and a strong network of experts will help you further your success in the manufacture of technically complex products.

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  • Copper Rotors

    Copper bars – the clever solution

    - New rotor technology – increase in efficiency using copper profiles

    - Ready-to-install

    - For high efficiency – AC induction / asynchronous motors

    - Meeting the new efficiency standards (efficiency classes – IE3/IE4/NEMA)

    Copper bars for fabricated copper rotors

  • Components


    For high-speed induction motors, the aluminum materials frequently used in the rotor of the induction motor have reached their strength limits. For this application, Wieland is able to meet almost all strength requirements at high speeds with a wide range of copper alloys such as the high-strength Wieland K60 (CuCrZr) or Wieland K75 (CuCrSiTi) and is already supplying initial quantities of fabricated copper rotors for induction motors.

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    Permanent-magnet synchronous motors

    Everybody is talking about environmentally friendly mobility – climate change and dwindling oil reserves trigger a fundamental change in the automotive industry. Both hybrid and electrical vehicles are currently available on the market, offering a genuine alternative to internal-combustion engines for the foreseeable future. For these applications, Wieland has for a number of years been supplying system components in serial production for electric motors in hybrid vehicles.

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  • Lost-foam Applications
    Lost-foam Lost-foam


    casting offers design freedom provided by no other casting process. The process allows easy production of complex components without costly rework. Both small- and large-scale series can be produced cost-efficiently. In addition to high-copper alloys, a large number of copper alloys can be processed.

    Lost-foam casting is an evaporative pattern casting process in which foam models are embedded in molding sand. Molten metal is poured directly into the foam filled mold, burning out the foam as it pours, with the molten metal filling the resulting cavity for an accurate reproduction of the model geometry.

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