Who we are

The Wieland-Group is represented by two companies in North America. Wieland Metals, Inc. and Wieland Copper Products, LLC.

Wieland Metals, Inc. produces flat rolled copper and copper alloy strip as a Re-roll Mill and Service Center in Wheeling, IL. This location, along with product and technical support from several global Wieland locations, allows us to offer a unique combination of flexibility, service and value to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Wieland Copper Products, LLC is manufacturing semi-finished products for the Plumbing, Industrial and Technical Tube industries.

The wide range of products and alloys, like Titanium as a High-Performance Tube, allows Wieland to offer customized solutions based on the customer's needs.

Extruded and Drawn products, such as copper alloy rods and special profiles, as well as high-end Slide bearings and finished Components, are represented locally by our motivated sales force.

While Wieland has approximately 6,800 employees on a global basis, 600 of them are working in North America at two locations in Pine Hall, NC and Wheeling, IL.

A worldwide network of partners, coupled with a local service approach makes Wieland the perfect partner for global operations as well as niche applications.

Extensive R&D capabilities and investment allow Wieland to be the partner of choice to spearhead new developments.

Wieland North America: Your specialist for Copper and Copper Alloys!